Join & Search the Klein ISD Twitter Index


I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but we’ve been pushing Twitter pretty heavily for the past year or so. Honestly, how could you not notice? Klein ISD and Twitter are best of friends now.

Our best estimates are that we have around 1,600 employees actively using Twitter to share the amazing work we are doing in Klein ISD. Many of you are also using Twitter to connect with your peers so you can share ideas and network. That’s a huge celebration! ??? It’s great to see so many of you truly embracing this paradigm-shifting technology to break down silos and walls.

“We need to make the positive so loud that the negative becomes almost impossible to hear.” — George Couros

So what is this Twitter Index?

We wanted to take our Twitter use to the next step by building a place to let you search for your peers. Twitter is a great place to share ideas and meet new people, but sometimes it can be hard to find new followers who do the same work you do. To solve that problem, we build the Klein ISD Twitter Index.

The Twitter Index is searchable by location, specific and general grades, and area of interest. You can view the search function in action in the GIF below.

Once you’ve found your core group of peers, just click the yellow “Follow” button to add them to your Twitter followers. It’s that simple.

Click the link below to join and view the Klein ISD Twitter Index:

We hope you enjoy finding new and meaningful connections in our Twitter Index. Please use the “Report an Issue” link located at the bottom of the Twitter Index site if you need to report any bugs to us.

Happy searching!

P.S. Huge shout out to Kacey Cartwright for the inspiration for the Twitter Index.