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Prepare for PD — Google Keep for Teachers

Prepare for PD — Google Keep for Teachers

I’m excited to introduce you to one of Google’s best kept secrets — Google Keep. If you haven’t heard of or used this feature before, prepare to have your life turned upside down and wonder where this has been all your life! Keep is like the Swiss Army Knife of Google. Keep reading for an overview and a few ideas for how teachers, students, and parents alike can use this amazing tool.

Already using Google Keep? Share ideas on this Padlet!

Google Keep is like a massive bulletin board that you can take with you wherever you go. It’s perfect for organizing ideas or quickly jotting down inspiration. Take notes on your phone and they’ll show up instantly on your Keep notepad. Create checklists, take pictures, save websites, share notes with colleagues, and so much more!

Use Google Keep for Summer PD

With all of the amazing Personalized Professional Learning offered this summer, you are going to LOVE having this tool at your fingertips to take notes and keep track of all the amazing things you are learning. Create a note for each session you attend, then add your notes, website links, photos of presenter slides, and more. Next, add your colleagues as collaborators on your note, and you don’t have to worry about remembering what to tell them later.

Save Website Links & Info to a Keep Note

One of my favorite ways to use Google Keep is using the Keep Chrome extension to save links to website that I want to come back and visit later. It’s more than just bookmarking… it even copies text you’ve highlighted on the site to your note as well. Imagine the possibilities with student research!

Seamlessly Add Keep Notes to a Google Doc

With the Google Keep + Google Docs integration, you can easily drag and drop notes from your Keep notepad into any Google Doc. Check out this article from Eric Curts about using the Keep notepad to insert comments into a student’s Google Doc for grading and feedback.

Check out a few tips from Matt Miller at DitchThatTextbook for ways to use Google Keep

  1. Save websites to a note with one click. Ever find a great video or article and think, “I’d love to see this but I don’t have time now”? Use the Google Keep Chrome extension. Once added to your Google Chrome web browser, you can click the little lightbulb button in the top right corner of your browser to create a note with a link to that website.
  2. Connect to-do lists with another person. Your sticky notes in Google Keep can be shared with others by entering names or e-mail addresses.
  3. Get reminders when and where you need them. Add a reminder to a Google Keep note so it will call your attention to it at a certain time or when you’re at a specific place. Your device needs to identify your location with GPS for the location feature to work. It’s pretty impressive when it does — when you’re walking in the school and your phone buzzes with a timely reminder.

Easily turn your Keep note into a Google Doc with just two clicks!

If you’ve got quite an extensive note going and want to turn it into something more, you can easily turn a Keep note into a Google Doc with just a few clicks.

The Possibilities are Endless!

There are hundreds of ways teachers, students, administrators, counselors, secretaries, and more can use Google Keep every single day. I’ve been using it for years, and even while writing this article, more ideas keep popping into my head of the ways we can use this magic tool as educators. If you have any questions about using Google Keep, feel free to email me ( or get in touch with your Digital Learning Specialist.

Share Your Ideas!

Share your ideas on this Padlet for how you’re already using Google Keep, or how you might use it in the future. We are better together!

Want more?

Listen to this episode of the Google Teacher Tribe podcast.

Student Uses for Google Keep

Are your wheels turning as you think about all the ways your students could be using Google Keep? Check out this infographic from Kasey Bell at ShakeUpLearning for 15 ways students can use Google Keep.

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Prepare for PD — Google Keep for Teachers

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