Building Partnerships… Begins with Me!


Welcome back amazing Klein ISD educators and Family Engagement supporters!

The beginning of the school year gives us a perfect opportunity to build and continue strengthening relationships with every family as we walk alongside to support students from Promise2Purpose.

Before we begin this amazing journey, I invite you to examine your own beliefs about family engagement. Our willingness to build trusting relationships is rooted in our confidence of what families can do for students. Doing a  quick “self-check” allows us to recognize positive and negative experiences that shape our trust in families and their support: “The biases and assumptions that we may have about the families of our children, left unexamined, can hamper our ability to create effective partnerships” (Powerful Partnerships; Karen E. Mapp, et al. 2017)

Building strong partnerships means believing in each other by:

  • Taking time to acknowledge the positive and negative experiences in family engagement that have shaped your beliefs
  • Giving yourself time to fully understand the impact of these experiences. Warning! You may need more time than you think, and that is perfectly ok!
  • Focus on the positive and build from there! It is not about dismissing the negativity, is about reframing your mind to learn from every experience!

Self-examination will give you a fresh vision about family engagement and allow you to begin building relationships from an asset-based perspective: What do families know that can help me, as a teacher, help their student?

Believing that families and communities can positively contribute to the academic journey of the child is the first step to successfully collaborate with families from Promise to Purpose!

For more information about Family Engagement strategies, please contact:

Maria Ovalle-Lopez

Family Engagement Program Coordinator, Klein ISD