Relentless Pursuit of Excellence



Official SAT Practice Ambassadors from Klein ISD’s five High Schools kicked off the 2018-2019 school year with their first ever district gathering. Returning Ambassadors Emily Cole, Tyrone Killebrew and Christopher Price welcomed the new student additions representing Official SAT Practice in Klein ISD.  

According to The College Board, Official SAT Practice Ambassadors are interested in developing their college readiness and leadership qualities by motivating and empowering their peers to own their futures. The goal of the program is to amplify student voices in the mission to increase the number of students who are ready for college.

In 2018-2019 Klein ISD’s OSP Ambassadors participated in skits to “Power Up for the PSAT,” connected with other Ambassadors across the nation, offered an SAT practice test day, led study groups, campaigned on social media, spoke at information nights and presented at the Texas Association for College Admissions Counseling. One of our students even received Gold Leaf Status with distinction! In 2018-2019 OSP Ambassadors plan to repeat many of those events and offer various College and Career Readiness opportunities. Some of the events include information and preparation workshops, SAT Clubs and Khan Academy contests. More information on these district and campus events to come very soon.

Our Official SAT Practice Ambassadors are a great example of #P2PinAction. Ambassadors have an insatiable desire to improve and grow but are also committed to serving others on their campus and district-wide. The OSP program allows students to pursue excellence while preparing them for future success!