Welcome Back Social Studies and World Language Teachers!

Social Studies Team

Welcome back to a brand new year at Klein ISD,
we are so excited to support you and what a great year this will be!

Your students are looking forward to a brand new start,
we know they will be loved and cared for from the bottom of your heart.

With Profile of a Leader and Profile of a Learner, together we will grow,
we can’t wait to see all the High Quality Teaching practices flow!

Knowing EVERY student by name, strength and need,
we are building relationships and planting the seeds.

By becoming risk takers and having a growth mindset,
the students will definitely have their best year yet.

Let’s not forget about personalizing learning and standards-based grades,
we definitely have awesome goals for 2018-2019 made!

We will focus on reimagining learning, cultivating talent and building community,
to make sure that teachers and students have success, purpose and opportunity.

We know you could have chosen another place to share your moments,
for that we are thankful it is Klein ISD that you have chosen!

If you have any questions or need anything, please do not fear,
for the Social Studies and World Languages Department is always near!