C-Span Resources for Your Classroom



Written by Evangeline Mitchell

Over the summer, I was honored to be invited to attend the C-Span Middle School conference in Washington, DC to learn about the extensive resources that C-Span provides to teachers free of charge.

What is C-Span?

C-Span was created by the cable companies as a public service to the country. As a non-profit organization, C-span is able to provide broadcast and video content without representing any one side of an issue.  C-Span primarily provides access to the government of the United States by broadcasting the meetings of the House of Representative, the Senate, Supreme Court, and the President along with public service related news from around the world. C-Span broadcasts its content using three cable channels their website and the new C-Span Radio App.

C-Span for Educators

C-Span has an extensive library of archival and educational material for teachers to use in their classrooms. Teachers can access theses free resources by creating a free log in at www.c-span.org/classroom.

In C-Span classroom, teachers can select from thousands of “Bell Ringers” short lessons or longer lesson plans that they can use in their classrooms.  All the lessons contain primary source video along with highly engaging activities to peak student interest.  The lessons are full of great ideas for differentiation, questioning and assessment on a wide range of topics.

In addition to the thousands of educational resources on the C-Span Classroom webpage, at www.c-span.org you can find the archival contents of video that C-Span has produced since 1987. The video is available in an easily searchable format and can be edited to meet the need of the individual teacher.  The edited video can then be saved and used as a part of any lesson.  My personal favorites are the videos that can be used for distance learning experiences for my students.  I may not be able to arrange a live broadcast with a museum but many institutions and historical sites have been visited by  C-Span and can provide students a first hand look at the history of a location, person or event.

Need More Help?

The team of educators at C-Span are more than willing to help you in your search for a great lesson or resource. Please feel free to reach out to: Pam McGorry, Education Programs Specialist: pmcgorry@c-span.org.