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Creating a Culture for Caring

Creating a Culture for Caring

When you are a 10th grader and experience a day in the life of a high school student, you adapt into the environment that is shown at your school. You go to school and you see people being bullied and those doing the act itself. Going from elementary, junior high to high school, I saw that happening and people not talking about it because of their “views” on people. The people that saw the bullying. The people that wanted to stop it. The people that got hurt inside because somebody was bullying their close friend. But they couldn’t talk, because that would not make them “cool” anymore. That would make them a nerd. That would stop them from talking to the popular kids. That would mean you wouldn’t have anyone to sit with. That would change your everyday life, so you just stayed quiet. You talked about it to your parents, you woke up, you got over it. That would change the entire world not only for a high schooler, but also the kid that was so excited to move to the new school in 1st grade. Only to know that he would get bullied in lunch when the teachers weren’t looking or during recess when they were playing, or even in class when they thought you had a weird accent.

So, I thought to myself, what if the word “bullying” didn’t exist. This would mean that the stereotypical experiences from TV shows, from parents and elders would become true. Instead of brushing off the question of how was school, you could just say “it was good”. This concept could change because of one person that could only change because of one person. That was me. Instead of being the person who stays quiet because I didn’t want to be considered a “nerd”, I could have said something to the bully to stop it back in 1st grade. I could have been the reason that one kid didn’t have to sit at recess alone. I could have been the reason why the kid in lunch ate his food and didn’t starve. I could have been the reason.

Even though I couldn’t do it in 5th grade, I did it 5 years later. In 10th grade, I realized what problem was occurring more in schools throughout the world. That problem was bullying; it was that the students did not feel cared for by their peers or felt safe with their teachers. Students did not feel safe. The only solution to the worldwide problem was “Creating a Culture for Caring”. This is how students can have fun during recess and learn in the classroom instead of worrying about their accent. “Creating a Culture for Caring” was the solution.

“Creating a Culture for Caring” started because of these exact reasons. Because a student wanted to make sure that her fellow classmates felt safe in that class, and in that school. Instead of having random acts of kindness, instill kindness purposefully. We wanted to model the example that our community set after the Hurricane Harvey. We wanted to show what we as students could do with all the skills we have learned. This was only possible if we created a Culture for Caring. One friend, one student, one school, one community, one moment at a time.


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