Happy New Year!


As educators, I love that we have two opportunities every year to celebrate with a “Happy New Year!” The new calendar year marked by January 1 brings an opportunity to re-calibrate and gear up for the spring semester. But it is in August that we launch a happy new school year, which naturally drives self-reflection and goal setting. Back-to-School is a great time to celebrate the past, and then drill down on key areas for improvement as we move into the next season.

This past July, the Holdsworth Campus Leadership Cohort team participated in a five-day learning session focused on personal leadership. Holdsworth emphasizes teaching and learning for excellence and equity with great people and great culture. Before talking about aligned systems and structures, Holdsworth identified the value in first starting with personal leadership. We all bring different passions, strengths, and opportunities that will uniquely impact and advance the work that we do. The start of a new year provides us with the opportunity to try new things, fail forward, and make positive impact for kids.

How can you catalyze your strengths and refine your weaknesses this school year? How can you build specific and measurable goals this year? Consider Profile of a Leader as a strong launching point for your personal leadership journey. As we begin this new year, what is your bold goal for 2018-19?