Teacher Tech Tip

Personalize your Course Banner in Schoology


Your course pic in Schoology is the first thing your students will see when clicking on Courses. Whether you have your classes linked all together or you have your class periods separate, it’s a good idea to personalize your course to welcome students into their blended learning classroom. Plus, it also helps students navigate to the right course!

Here is a template created by Klein Cain’s Caitlyn Cloyd. You can customize your course banner images and make them your own. CLICK HERE to use as a template.

When you are ready to save the images, click on the first slide, go to File > Download As > JPEG Image. Then save it in a folder on your computer (preferably create a folder named Schoology Banners) and name it 1st banner. Repeat these steps for each slide – click on the second slide, file, download, save, name 2nd banner. See the GIF for illustrated directions for saving banner images.

Next, go into each course, hover over the course image, click Edit Picture, and select the appropriate image that you saved.