Personalized Learning Pathways


  “Personalized Learning is considering the interests of your students, giving them choice in their learning, and meeting them where they’re at-academically and personally.” That quote from William Roberts really resonates with what learning pathways encompasses.

I am so excited that I get to implement Learning Pathways in my 5th Grade ELA classroom. You might be asking yourself, “What is a learning pathway?” A learning pathway consists of stations and activities that students need to complete during the week. The difference between stations and learning pathways is that students go at their own pace throughout the week with what they need for that week. The students are split into 3 pathways based on their pre-assessment for the unit we are studying: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Level 1 is for the struggling students who don’t seem to get the concept, yet. Level 2 is for students that almost have the concept but need a little more assistance. Level 3 is for students who get the concept, understand the concept, and are experts at that concept. If a student finishes a station on their pathway, they go to the second station instead of waiting for the timer to go off. This allows students to go at their own learning pace instead of having a set time.

Students have 3 items that have to get finished for the week or unit before they can move onto the choice section of the pathway. The choice section gives students the opportunity to pick which activities they would like to complete for that unit.

My students love having the pathways at their fingertips because it allows them to know exactly what needs to be completed for that week all at one time. This also gives them accountability to make sure they complete the work for the week or unit. After each week, students complete a reflection page about their pathway.