Blended Learning


As a veteran teacher, I am always looking for a way to adapt my lesson plans to help my students be successful. When I decided to take The WOW Academy with Amy Mayer from, I did not realize how much it would change how I view and write lesson plans and increase the level of participation of my students.

The workshop showed me a way to embed technology in my lessons while allowing student choice and voice. She showed us several methods to create lessons using Google apps and how to differentiate for differing levels. It is based around activities that I have and new activities that I created. The students can choose not only how they learn, but how they show you what they have learned. I spend most of my time being a facilitator rather than a lecturer. But…the biggest difference is that I listen and hear my students discussing the subject of the lesson and questioning each other before they ask me anything. They are in charge of their own learning!!! The most powerful feeling for a student is a sense of control. See a sample lesson that I created.

If you ever get a change to take Amy’s course, do it!!! It was the best shift in educational thinking for me!!!