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Teacher Leader Development Summit
October 27, 2018 | 9 am – Noon @ the KMPC
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Simplified Problem-Solving for All Educators
Have you ever been able to solve a problem in 12 minutes or less?
Leaders in our organization have an innate duty to move with a sense of urgency and guarantee we will relentlessly continue to pursue excellence for our students. But how do we keep this promise when issues arise that distract us from our main goal? In this session, participants will work through a simplified problem-solving protocol that can be applied universally in all educator roles, with any problem and is guaranteed to be done in less than the length of your lunch period.


Guilty as Charged: How Bias Influences Our Behaviors
It’s safe to say that every leader wants to create an environment that celebrates diversity and is responsive to the needs of others; however, we unintentionally let our biases influence our decisions. Through identifying and analyzing common types of bias, we will gain skills to mitigate their impact. In this session, we will shed light on their influence so we are better equipped to lead.


Memorable Communications
Do people listen when you speak? Can you start conversations and remember names? Come learn to schmooze and peruse your way into everyday social situations and complicated campus scenarios with time-tested Dale Carnegie strategies.


Personalizing Your Leadership Path
Successful leaders are eager to learn and continuously improve their skills in an effort to bring their visions to life. This session provides attendees with an opportunity to review leadership resources, discuss skills and opportunities with a broader network, and develop a personalized plan to attain leadership goals.