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InsertLearning – Make ANY Website an Interactive Learning Experience

InsertLearning – Make ANY Website an Interactive Learning Experience

If you’re anything like most teachers I know, you notice opportunities for learning all around you, everywhere you go. Whether you’re grocery shopping with the kids, cooking dinner with the family, or building a fort with little ones, your mind can’t help but register all the unique ways you could turn those activities into lessons (even if you are met with eyerolls from the kiddos!)

Not only can we turn everyday family activities into learning experiences, now we can turn the internet into rich, interactive lessons as well! InsertLearning is a website and Chrome extension that lets you easily turn any webpage into an learning experience. InsertLearning can help you deliver digital content and activities to your students and also provide data to help you guide instruction.

The extension allows you to take any online content and insert open-ended or multiple choice questions, discussion threads, annotations, sticky notes, videos and more. When students open the link to the lesson, they can respond to those questions and discussions and take their own notes. Teachers then go to their IL Teacher Dashboard, select the class & lesson, then view and grade student work.

Here are some of the many places you can “Insert Learning” into:

  • News or Wikipedia articles
  • YouTube or TED Talks
  • Desmos online graphing calculator
  • National Geographic
  • Schoology lesson pages
  • PDFs or Google Docs
  • Google VR Tours
  • HyperDocs

Want to try it out as a student? Install the InsertLearning extension, then go to and enter “ccqc” when asked for a class code. This will enter you in my sample class and show you the assigned lesson on “How Do You Wash Your Hair in Space?” from NASA.

Check out the InsertLearning website and their YouTube channel for lots of example lessons and ideas and instructions. If you have any questions or need help getting started, feel free to contact me or your nearest Digital Learning Specialist. Happy Learning!


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