District Lifts Off in Innovation Challenge


Students from across the district participate in the Klein in Space Innovation Challenge

Klein ISD blasted off with its third Innovation Challenge, Klein in Space, where students from across the district convened at the Klein ISD Multipurpose Center for a Day of Design.

The Klein in Space Innovation Challenge was made possible through a partnership with the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP), a model U.S. National STEM Education Initiative, to immerse students in an authentic research experience. More than 200 teams, which included almost 1000 students from grades 5 – 12 spent today learning, researching, designing and collaborating on their experiments that are based on surviving in a microgravity environment. Teams explored projects like growing goji berries in space, determining the amount of time for bacteria and mold to multiply in space, and the effect microgravity has on the fermentation process.

“I think the whole concept of figuring out a simple solution to a complex problem really piqued my interest,” said Numa Minero, Klein Oak senior. “I’m hoping our ideas can help innovate new thinking.”

At today’s Day of Design, teams also had the opportunity to meet with local industry experts who helped answer questions and provided additional insight about their experiments and their research. These volunteers have experience and expertise in fields such as engineering and architecture, chemistry, medicine, aerospace, technical writing and much more.

“Innovation Challenges like Klein in Space provide students real-world opportunities to apply what they learn in the classroom and experience it first hand,” said Klein in Space volunteer and Klein ISD parent, Stephen White. “This is a great experience in the given year for a student to use applied research, and it exposes their learning into topics they wouldn’t otherwise have. And for families, it’s a great opportunity to talk with their students about new innovative topics.”

Teams will continue researching their experiments and theories and will now work to address any challenges they may encounter. Next month, one Klein ISD team will be chosen to watch their experiment liftoff from Cape Canaveral as it heads to the International Space Station for testing!

For more information and to stay connected about the Klein in Space journey, visit https://www.kleinisd.net/space and follow us on our social channels using #kleininspace.

Click here to view a full photo album of the day’s event.