Klein Writes: Celebrating Student Voices – Day 1


The National Day on Writing was on October 20th, but in Klein ISD we celebrate writing everyday! This week, we will be featuring student writers in The Exchange. Every day we will post new pieces from our very own Klein students!

Let’s celebrate their voices!

I like to write… no… I LOVE to write. Writing is the thing that I can do hours and hours without getting tired of it. There is a huge variety of types of writing such as personal narratives, novels, persuasive writing, and much more. If I had to choose my favorite out of all the types of writing, it’d be poetry. I can already hear the giant wave of “emos” coming my way screaming “It’s not a phase mom” but it’s true. Poetry is one of my favorite types of writing not only because I can describe difficult feelings with others, but others can describe difficult feelings with me. When me and a few of my friends are venting, we never really can find a way to describe our feelings within the vent, so we write poems with each other instead. That way, we have a better idea of how we feel.
-Ashlyn, 9th Grade, Klein High 

I remember I wrote my first book at only four years old. In such an early year of youth, the only entertainment I had was my imagination; my brain was far from developed, therefore the line between what is real and what is imaginary was fragile. Very easily I could break past that line and slip into an infinite realm of imagination, where a subconscious voice read stories to me while I watched them unfold before my eyes. The wonder I have as I return to the real world fills me with the urge to write down all that I saw, and all that I heard, so that others might go through the same exhilarating process of departing reality by my hand. To this day I often pass over this line into the realm of thought to discover new stories, for all of them are out there, waiting to be told.
-Hannah, 12th Grade, Klein Collins

I Love to Write! I like writing because it is a way to express my thought and my feelings. I also write because it makes me proud when I do it. Writing is fun and that is why I love to do it so much! Personal narratives are my favorite genre. I always have something going on in my life that I want to share with others. They are fun to write as well.
I like Sarah Mlynowski’s books because of all the action and imagination she puts in them. She adds lots of great details in her fairy tales. For example, Jeannie in the Bottle had lots of movement and they still have to solve problems by helping others.
I think I will always love writing!
-Kourtney, 4th Grade, Theiss

I have to think for a while before I speak because I’m translating Korean words into English. But writing is different. I can think as long and deeply as I want to choose the right words. Most importantly, when I write, I’m making a life-long portfolio full of memories. I’ll remember the day my dog passed away. Even though he was 6 years old, he had been ill since he was born, tiny and bony. His death was so painful and upsetting that I used a whole box of kleenex to wipe the tears away. I’ll remember what my best friend and I did in Korea last year. We went on an overnight trip to Seoul and visited the famous tteokbokki restaurant. We ate hot spicy rice cakes that harmonized with garlic toppings, noodles, and kimbap. Because I write, I’ll remember.
-Soyeong, 11th Grade, Klein High