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Klein Writes: Celebrating Student Voices – Day 2

Klein Writes: Celebrating Student Voices – Day 2

The National Day on Writing was on October 20th, but in Klein ISD we celebrate writing everyday! This week, we will be featuring student writers in The Exchange. Every day we will post new pieces from our very own Klein students!

Let’s celebrate their voices!

I write because it is a great way to express yourself, I use writing to express my opinion in debate over political issues that interest me & express my support or rejection of the solution politicians take to address them. I also use writing in my school newspaper to craft very detailed stories that immerse you into what is going on and to get news to my fellow peers at my school. I love writing speeches and news stories to have an voice about what is going on today as this form of expression gets your voice seen and heard much more than the spoken counterpart. Many people may not listen, but some may open their eyes, heart, and mind to see. One of my favorite writers is S.E Hinton as she used writing to bring attention to the very important issue of gang violence.
Timothy, 12th Grade, Klein Oak High School

I write because it makes me happy. I like to write fiction stories. My favorite author is Raina Telgemeier and Kionna Walker LeMalle(my mom).
Janae, 7th Grade, Kleb Intermediate

I like writing because you can express yourself.
Ben, 3rd Grade, Benfer Elementary

I write because I like to learn. I like to write about my family. My favorite writer is Dr. Seuss because he makes fun jokes.
Ayden, 2nd Grade, McDougle Elementary

Yo escribo porque a mi me gusta compartir mis ideas. A mi megusta escribir acerca de los libros que yo leo. Mi escritor favorito es Milke THALER porque hace libros muy bonitos.
Sheilyn, 2nd Grade, McDougle Elementary

I think of writing not only as a form of expression but also as an efficient medium of communication. I enjoy writing for my school’s newspaper through feature stories and opinion pieces. Not only do I get to voice my opinion and standpoints, but I also inform the school of what’s happening and why it matters. Along with journalism, I also write poetry and fictional short stories as a way of unwinding and penning down my ideas to craft an art piece of a sort. Not only does composing pieces such as these enhance my skill as a storyteller and reporter, but also prepares me in pursuing a career as a writer. I admire my favorite writer Randa Abdel-Fattah because I relate to her stories about Muslims living in a prejudiced society and inspired me in writing about my experiences as a minority.
Zainab, 12th Grade, Klein Oak High School

I LOVE TO WRITE!!! Writing lets me explore my imagination and inner spirit! When writing anything is possible. When I was little writing was always my favorite thing to do in school. Mrs. Pierre says, get your writing notebook out” I would always say, “YES!” I was so excited, “YIPPIE!” I’d whisper. Rebecca Elliot is my favorite author. She writes Owl Diaries and the character has the same name as me, Eva! Her books are so interesting and have great illustrations. The books are also long which makes the problem more detailed to solve.I think you should like writing too. It’s so much fun! It can take you anywhere you would like to go.
Eva, 4th Grade, Theiss Elementary

I like to write fictional stories. It is fun to create new stories and escape from reality. My favorite author is Tahera Mafi. She’s a great author and an inspiration to people of color.
Kaylee, 12th Grade, Klein Collins High School

I like to write because you get to be in a world of your own, where all of your worries go away, where you don’t have to be upset about your missing math assignment. Writing is a thing of imagination, and imagination is something that can change lives. If someone writes something and shares it, then it could inspire the other person to write their own stories. That can cause the world to have so many different wonderful pieces of imagination, and even cause something that can change the world. When some people read, it can cause the saddest day that they have ever had, to vanish into thin air. Writing is not for everybody, but that doesn’t mean that people should not be inspired by it. Writing should be honored. Writing changes lives, including mine.
Elizabeth, 6th Grade, Hofius Intermediate


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