Klein Writes: Celebrating Student Voices – Day 3


The National Day on Writing was on October 20th, but in Klein ISD we celebrate writing everyday! This week, we will be featuring student writers in The Exchange. Every day we will post new pieces from our very own Klein students!

Let’s celebrate their voices!

Honestly, I think I write for enjoyment, but also as an outlet. My life can be stressful, and sometimes I just want to live in a completely different world. So, I’m able to write myself (or a character representing myself) in a world where I have more exciting, less important problems like being stuck in the future or being stuck in a room full of spiders. My favorite thing to write is sci-fi because it’s fun to think about the future and all the possibilities 100 years from now. I think my favorite writers would have to be Veronica Roth and J.K. Rowling. Veronica Roth does an amazing job with the Divergent series and showing how technological the future could be, and J.K. Rowling has such a creative mind that I respect a ton.
Hallie, 8th Grade, Doerre Intermediate

I like to write about holidays my favorite writer is Mrs.Turner I like to do writing because its like poems to exprese your self.
Aniyah, 3rd Grade, Benfer Elementary

I like writing because I can share my feelings and life.
Seda, 3rd Grade, Benfer Elementary

I write because it is my dream. It makes me focus. My favorite thing to write is my imagination. The best time to write is when no one is in the area.
Avery, 2nd Grade, Benfer Elementary

Do you like to write personal narratives? I LOVE to write personal narratives! The reason I like them is because I get to write about one special moment in my life. Sometimes on personal narratives I just go for it and let my hand do the work. I also love writing because you can express your feelings. My favorite author is Kamilla Benko! She makes good chapter books that are exciting. I am reading one of her books right now! It’s called The Unicorn Qust and it is about two sisters. One of the sisters is accused of stealing a unicorn. I really recommend you read it.
Izzy, 4th Grade, Theiss Elementary

What do you like to do in your free time? Well I like to write. I can create an infinite number of pages that tell the world about me just by writing. I love to write about adventures! I want the reader to be able to visualize the adventure of the main character. I also like writing about mysteries because it makes the reader feel like they’re in the story. I love a good mystery because the reader wants to know who it did even before they are finished with the book. My favorite writer is Mary Pope Osborne. She is the writer of my favorite series, The Magic Tree House. Her stories teaches you history from a long time ago, and her teachings are written in an amazing and fun way. I wish I lived in that time. I want to be an amazing writer someday. All I’ll need is a pencil and paper.
Sophia, 4th Grade, Theiss Elementary

I write because nothing on earth makes me happier. Writing is the release of all emotions, both good and bad. I like to write because no matter how crazy a day I have, I can pick up a pen and write a happy ending. With a quick scribbling of the pen, I can transport myself anywhere and get lost in my words.
Kianna, 10th Grade, Klein Oak High School

Writing gives me a voice, a voice where you don’t have to yell to be heard. It is more influential than any words spoken. It is a voice of power, a voice of words that are sharper than swords, one that makes an impact more than yelling ever could. My most admired writer is Jane Austen, not because of her works -although her works are phenomenal-, but because she was someone who stood by her dreams. She wrote despite the consequences posed to women in that era. Her words were her rebellion, one which none could deny, for they fell in love with the voice in the pages of her books. She fought, and she conquered becoming among the first women writers to make a mark in the history of Literature. And that is something to commend.
Mariam, 11th Grade, Klein High School

I like to wright about my Mom and my family members.
Braden, 3rd Grade, Benfer Elementary