Klein Writes: Celebrating Student Voices – Day 4


The National Day on Writing was on October 20th, but in Klein ISD we celebrate writing everyday! This week, we will be featuring student writers in The Exchange. Every day we will post new pieces from our very own Klein students!

 Let’s celebrate their voices!

On the days when I do not feel like expressing myself verbally, I write. When I am lonely, I write. When I am filled to the brim with happiness, I write. There is something to be said about pouring your thoughts onto a piece of paper and not being judged. When I write, it is okay to be myself. It is okay to make mistakes, because I can correct them. Writing is a productive and simple way to get out my frustrations or create a piece of art that can be shared with others. I am inspired by everyone and everything around me to write. To me, words are the greatest weapon, and writing helps me improve how I use them.
Ayisat, 12th grade, Klein High

I like to write about my Mom and my family members.
Braden, 3rd grade, Benfer

I write because I like to learn English. I like to write about animals. My favorite writer is Angela Domigues because she writes about a bird named Hugo.
Daniel, 2nd grade, McDougle

I write because I want people to love my writing. I like to write about turtles because I love turtles. My favorite writer is Dr. Seuss because he is funny.
Messi, 2nd, McDougle

I write because it gives me a chance to practice my writing skills and work on my handwriting. I love to brainstorm “What should I write?” or “How should I write it?” I also write because writing makes me feel content. My favorite genre to write about is fiction. I get the ideas mostly from writing prompt pictures either long or short. I also get ideas from other ways, but the fastest way is by pictures. My favorite writer is Ms. Madrid because sometimes she makes funny unexpected endings that I laugh at a lot, I mean a lot, well maybe not that much. Most of the times she makes stories that are better than mine, but she always has brilliant ideas that she shares with us to help encourage and motivate us. Her writing and ideas then inspire me in my writing!
Nathan, 3rd, McDougle

What did you say? Why I love writing so much? Well, this is why. Writing just makes me feel free! Like right now, I am writing this letter. I love writing so much! One day when I’m older want to be a famous writer or just a writer like my aunt. I just hope I can write for a newspaper just like a famous person! Writing is just “my thing.” If you ask me 1-10 how much I like writing, I already know without taking a second, IT’S A 10! I wish I could write day and night. I just feel free when I write.
Mariam, 4th, Theiss

I love to write because it allows me to express myself creatively. It’s a time when I can put my thoughts on paper and show what I feel. I like to write stories and personal narratives. When I write stories, I can connect with the character I am writing about. Personal narratives are also one of my favorite writing genres because I get to write about something that happened to me or someone else. Another reason why I like to write personal narratives is that I can tell about my side of the story. My favorite author is Laura Ingalls Wilder. I really like her series “Little House on the Prairie.” She’s inspired girls to be kind and value education. Laura is an inspiration to girls all around. Writing is a fun filled way to show what you know and feel. I love writing, do you?
Avery, 4th, Theiss

Most people credit escaping the world to books, but for me, as well as reading, it’s writing. To write is to create a world in which everything you believe and are, every fiber of your being, is embedded inside. Writing allows me to live in a place entirely my own, while acknowledging the accumulation of thoughts and ideas I grasp in reality. When I first started writing, it was an out pour of emotion, a string of words that either I wanted to happen or something that had happened. But after realizing the solace words gave me, I starting writing for eloquence. I write phrases and certain connotative words to have a perfect depiction of what I am trying to convey. Words that contrast ideas but pair in a way that grasps every facet of an idea. I write for myself and to learn.
Nurmeen, 11th, Klein High

Writing has given me the ability to convey my feelings, experiences, and events in a way that others can relate without being familiar with the subject of my writing. I started writing poetry in the 6th grade (and later started writing speeches, essays, and short stories) because I realized I had something to say and that people wanted to listen. I started the Open Mic at Klein Oak to share this realization with others. My goal was to help people harness their potential and realize writing only requires them, paper, and something to write with- and so far, many people have.
Noor, 11th grade, Klein Oak

I like to write because it helps me get things I am not able to tell people out there. It allows me to let go. I like to write, about personal experiences, mystery, encouragement, diversity, ORIGINALITY, and sometimes, very rarely though romance. Some of my favorite Authors include; Alan Gratz, Kiera Cass, Miranda Keneally, Kevin Sands, J.K. ROWLING, and Marie Lu. Writing inspires me to speak up and stand out. Reading books give me MANY of my ideas when I write. I LOVE to write!!
Mahtab, 7th grade, Kleb