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Klein Writes: Celebrating Student Voices – Day 5

Klein Writes: Celebrating Student Voices – Day 5

The National Day on Writing was on October 20th, but in Klein ISD we celebrate writing everyday! This week, we will be featuring student writers in The Exchange. Every day we will post new pieces from our very own Klein students!

Let’s celebrate their voices!

I like writing because I enjoy influencing others. I write because I wish to compel others to accurately perceive how my esteemed authors make me feel. I genuinely want everybody to know there are valuable means in everything, even if those things are just little words. I write the books that I’ve constantly wanted to read but I can never find on the shelves. That is why I write.
Ellie, 9th grade, Klein High

I like writing about unicorns!
Taylor, 3rd grade, Benfer

I love writing because it lets your emotions out and you can write and express yourself and you can write about fairy tales and other!
Ana, 3rd grade, Benfer

My favorite writer is Dr.Seuss.
Breanna, 2nd grade, McDougle

I write to express myself and give others a voice who haven’t yet found theirs; I want to impact people with my words. I want to let others feel as I’ve felt and allow my writing to resonate with them and remind people of the beauty you can find when stringing certain words together. I write poems, raw and real poems, poems that leave the reader with a newfound sense of appreciation. If I had to choose, my favorite writer is a poet of the name Michael Faudet. Mr. Faudet and I have the same mindset of raw writing and expressing ourselves through pen and ink.
Aalie, 11th grade, Klein Oak

I like to write personal narratives because it lets me remember my favorite and not-so-good moments. Writing makes me feel happy and confident about myself. My favorite author is Mary Pope Osborne because her Magic Tree House book series is amazing! She writes about the adventures of Jack and Annie who try to solve mysteries sent by Morgan LeFay. I like the way the writing describes the treehouse spinning before they travel in time. These books inspire me to write great mysteries. I hope to write a book like it one day.
Jonathan, 4th grade, Theiss

I like writing because it takes you into an endless world of possibilities, and sometimes it can be visually majestic. Writing can also be adventurous, mysterious, and spooky. Sometimes the story can be so detailed like C.S Lewis and Mary Pope Osborne. I like adventurous stories because you can write about anything like animals, and the setting can be a forest or a jungle. Mysteries makes the reader think about who did it. I also like mysteries because they make the reader pretend they are the detective, and they try to find out who was the murderer before the story is even over! I like spooky stories because they make the reader scared and they are fun to write. You get more frightened by the thing that you are writing about. I hope that this will make you like writing, too!
Bridgett, 4th grade, Theiss

I love to write. Most kids just write because it’s required for a basic English class. But when I write, I take the opportunity to express myself creatively. I have a HUGE imagination, but there aren’t many outlets to my unique thoughts. Writing is where I can completely be myself without lies or humiliation. Sometimes when I talk, I stumble over my own words. But when I write, my words flow easily without struggle. And that is why I love to write.
Livier, 6th grade, Hofius

“You can make anything by writing,” said C.S. Lewis. Well I want to make something, I want to make happiness around the world. One day I dream to be a part time writer, and a neurosurgeon. I started writing when I was in 2nd grade, but I started having deeper interest when I was in 4th grade. My teacher, Ms. Drouillard made writing so much fun that I got obsessed with writing stories. We used to write expository texts and personal narratives, but best of all we wrote persuasive writing. Nowadays I like writing all sorts of stories, but I love writing narrative stories. My favorite author is R.J. Palacio. She puts so much details in her stories like Wonder and Auggie & Me! I hope one day, I will have as much support as she does in order for me to succeed. I hope I can be a good writer!
Ada, 6th grade, Hofius

I write because it’s something that makes me feel like me. When I write, I feel like I am original and unique, when otherwise I may not be. Sometimes I write because I have feelings bottled up inside that I need to vent in some way, but can’t tell anyone because I feel they wouldn’t understand. So instead, I write my feelings out, constructing elaborate and tense stories where I can push my emotions into the darkest labyrinths of the worlds I make so that they can’t emerge. I write because it makes me feel better, about the myriad of awful thoughts and emotions that cloud my mind and hold me down. I do it because it makes me forget about them and that makes me feel happier, if only momentarily.
Christian, 8th grade, Hofius

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Klein Writes: Celebrating Student Voices - Day 5

by Klein ISD Students
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