Klein Libraries – ReImagined!


“The role of the school librarian as an instructional partner is one of the most underutilized within school buildings,” according to Chicquita Toure in a recent article in the Journal of the American Association of School Librarians. In Klein, librarians are striving to change that!

In order to more fully support the needs of students and teachers in our district, Klein librarians are invigorated this year, working in a monthly PLC, to revitalize and modernize our library programs. Recently, our work to correlate the characteristics of High Quality Teachers to librarians led to devising our own new mission statement to guide our PLC.

As we meet monthly, our goal is to build a community of learners and leaders with a well-defined, student- focused mission. We are currently collaborating with a cohort of Digital Learning Specialists to create a digital citizenship resource bank for all grade levels. The next challenge will be to create a consistent method for developing Research Readiness Skills across the district. We plan to put a research structure in place for EVERY student in Kindergarten through grade 12 that helps both students and teachers. We will define steps to make the research process effective and efficient. Through the recent developments that we’ve set into motion, we plan to make our roles as librarians even more valuable to our students and communities.

Reach out to your local Klein librarians, and learn about the exciting changes that are taking shape! Be sure to follow along on Twitter too, by watching out for #LibraryPromise!