Calling All Reimagineers!


We have been reimagining learning through the Curriculum Refresh with Math and Science, and now it’s time to add English Language Arts and Social Studies! We are calling on ALL P2P Investors who are innovative, self-reflective, and living out the vision in your school everyday to apply for the Essential Standards Working Team. If you are someone who knows the importance of content standards and wants to use that experience to create a new framework for student learning, now is your chance to give your feedback and ideas for the Curriculum Refresh!

This is your opportunity to collaborate with other awesome educators from across Klein ISD to create a guaranteed, viable, flexible, and challenging curriculum and to be a part of something amazing happening in Klein ISD. Apply by November 14!

To learn more about member responsibilities, meeting dates, and time commitment, please see the Curriculum Refresh Website. Be on the lookout–applications for the Assessment and Create & Curate teams will be available in the Spring!