Teacher Leadership Development Summit Reflection


On October 27, over 140 teachers attended our first-ever Teacher Leadership Development Summit held by the Holdsworth Teacher Development Working Group. The content of the day consisted of participants reflecting on their purpose to enhance their leadership, identifying new strategies and skills to strengthen leadership skills, and expand the network of P2P investors across and outside the district.

Participants listened as Dr. Champion explained his path to leadership and how it shaped the way he leads this district. There were four breakout sessions that participants attended for growth. One session focused on a problem-solving protocol where participants learned a process to quickly make decisions, much like educational leaders make every day. Another session focused on personal paths and goals where participants had access to resources to assist them in growing their skills. A third session focused on communication and being social as a leader to make relationship connections. The last session educated participants about the biases that can affect leading others and leadership behaviors. All resources were shared with participants in a Schoology course so they could use the content at their leisure.

Participant feedback was that the day was beneficial to teacher development in our district.

“I truly enjoyed both the sessions! I liked that I was able to learn strategies on becoming a better teacher/coach and most importantly leader.”
“I enjoyed networking with others across the district and learning great leadership strategies regarding communication and problem solving. I thought today was very beneficial and I enjoyed the training today!”

The Teacher Development Working group will host another summit in the spring. Thanks to all participants who came to the day filled with learning, growth, and networking.