Hildebrandt students took part in an interesting history lesson today that took them back to the American revolution, thanks to an innovative use of technology.

Eighth-grade students in Evangeline Mitchell’s US History class used Google Hangouts to meet up with living history educators at Mt. Vernon, George Washington’s home in Virginia.

“It makes learning more interesting because he’s telling stories,” said student Abigail Harvey. “Because of his roleplay, it’s like he was there and we are hearing it firsthand and it’s just more fun.”

Mitchell recently attended the George Washington Teacher Institute where she was able to learn about opportunities like this digital learning experience. With a little help from technology, students are able to talk to these scholars who are living history educators. Today, they were able to talk with Dr. James Craik, George Washington’s personal physician.

“These are museum curators who want to teach these kids and want to bring history to life for them,” said Mitchell. “It makes the students realize there is more to what they are reading in books and online when they hear the stories being told.”

This style of innovative learning brings a new meaning to discussion and thanks to living history educators who are devoted to being lifelong learners and making it fun.

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