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EL Guiding Coalition Update

EL Guiding Coalition Update

The EL Guiding Coalition is rocking and rolling this year! Below you will find some updates on the initiatives your fellow P2P Investors are working on.

The Goals of the EL Guiding Coalition are:

  • To lead and support a collaborative change effort to improve student learning and performance for English Learners.
  • To build support structures that assist with the transformation of High Quality Teaching and Personalized Learning in Klein ISD.
  • To support our District’s vision by implementing targeted initiatives and building capacity with other stakeholders to participate in these endeavors.

P2P United Multicultural Event on December 1st, 2018
In Klein ISD our vision is that “Every Student Enters with a Promise and Exits with a Purpose.” An integral part of this vision is that all of our students embrace and showcase their own diversity while learning about other cultures to build mutual understanding, respect, and empathy in a culturally responsive environment. In order to further this vision, the Department of Multilingual Services and the English Learner Guiding Coalition are planning a large community engagement event called P2P United Multicultural Event Joyfully Transforming the World Together on December 1, 2018, from noon to 4 p.m. at Klein Cain High School. This event will include several booths, art displays, performances, among other entertaining and educational activities in collaboration with the Klein ISD community partners, parents, students, and staff. Visit the Multilingual Site in KleinQuest to fill out the form to participate or to volunteer in this exciting event.

Goal 1 Reimagine Learning- In 2018-2019, KISD will close the achievement gap by 5 percent or more in grades 3-8 reading/writing on STAAR or English EOCs for English Learners. 

During our last meeting:

  • Discussed meeting with the content areas to embed best practices for ELs in the curriculum
  • Defined language intervention
  • Reviewed data trackers for language development

Goal 2 Building Community- By the end of the 2018-19 school year we will create and implement a culturally responsive and systematic approach to build a community of acceptance and support for the ELs in Klein ISD.
During our last meeting:

  • Finalized plans for campus participation
  • We would like all campuses to be represented
  • Volunteer opportunities are available

Goal 3 Cultivate Talent– By the end of the 2018-2019 school year we will provide the opportunity for teachers to continue their professional learning through TOT, EL Task Forces, and Professional Development.
During our last meeting:

  • Worked on gathering data for the new DIDC proposal
  • Discussed ways to create differentiated pathways for EL professional development hours

If you have any ideas to share or would like more information, please contact:

  • Kathy Vergara-
  • Brandy Madrid-

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Klein ISD has an established 83-year history of excellence and innovation in education with unique pathways for EVERY student in our care to ensure learners are college, career, military, and life ready. With recognition for STEM, athletics, fine arts, and academics from highly-esteemed organizations, it is clear that Our Shared Vision of every student entering with a promise and exiting with a purpose is a reality for EVERY student who walks through our doors.

About Klein ISD
Klein ISD is a school district in Klein, Texas located in northwestern Harris County. The district spans approximately 87.5 square miles and serves more than 53,000 students in 33 elementary schools, 10 intermediate campuses, one high school program of choice, and 5 high schools.

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