Poetry at its Finest


When students hear the word ‘poetry,’ there are two expressions that students tend to make. They either say “Oh yes, I love poetry!” or “Oh no, poetry is not fun!” This year in our Poetry Unit of Study in Writing, my students became Poets instead of writing for a grade.

Using the Writing Units of Study as a guide to our instruction, we were able to dive deeper into the techniques and reasons behind poetry. Our 5th grade students wrote Poetry Anthology books about one topic. Really digging deeper into one topic of poetry helped students dive into a topic and create wonderful poetry. Students used Schoology to type up their poems to turn into a book for their parents. At Kuehnle Elementary, we showcased those Poetry Anthologies with a ‘Poetry Picnic.’ Parents were able to come and listen to their scholar read their poetry books. Students did a phenomenal job reading with expression and meaning.

Taking it a step further, six of my scholars decided to form a group and start to create a book of poems all about Kuehnle Elementary. They are working on this all by themselves, and we will be turning this into a published book to keep a copy in our school library. My students went above and beyond with poetry, and I am pleased to call my scholars poets.