Building Teacher Partnerships through Learning Labs


Samantha Eichenberg, a 5th Grade Reading Teacher at Kohrville Elementary, visited Nitsch Elementary on Wednesday morning with one purpose—to learn, grow, and build a partnership with colleagues outside of her own campus. Eichenberg participated in a Learning Lab.

A Learning Lab is a concept from Teachers College Reading and Writing Project where teachers visit a different campus to plan, share, and co-teach a lesson with another teacher. The Units of Study, from curriculum writer Lucy Caulkins, is a new instructional approach to Klein reading teachers and the ELAR Department wanted a way for teachers to explore the curriculum together — that is where Learning Labs came in!

“We are trying to bring this concept to Klein because it’s a step for us to open our classroom doors and let our colleagues in.”  Isabel Tuliao, ELA Elementary Program Coordinator said. “This is the best way to collaboratively learn & put our efforts together to grow our craft, but at the same time providing high-quality teaching to every student in Klein ISD.”

Elementary Reading Teachers,
If you are looking for a way to thoughtfully disrupt the status quo by participating in a Learning Lab, check out the Klein ISD
Literacy Connection website.