Growing Forever Learners at Nitsch Elementary


As stated in the Profile of a Learner, Klein students think critically and embrace challenges — and students at Nitsch Elementary are doing that every day!

One of the goals at Nitsch Elementary is ensuring that EVERY student is developing reading skills that will help them continue to become lifelong learners.  Nitsch is in the third year of implementing a new reading curriculum called the Units of Study, from curriculum writer Lucy Caulkins.

The Units of Study call for a reading workshop framework.  In a workshop classroom, you will see small-group work, teachers conferencing with students, and students setting personal reading goals. This instructional approach allows teachers to personalize learning for every student.

“The Units of Study has allowed our teachers to really focus and hone in on the specific reading skills our students need.” Amber Kent, Principal of Nitsch said. “We are now in year three of implementation and are focusing on student goal setting. Students are understanding their strengths, as well as their areas of growth, and moving their learning forward.”

To ensure that every student is receiving high-quality teaching in all subjects, Nitsch believes in Collective Efficacy. Collective Efficacy refers to a staff’s shared belief that through their collective action, they can positively influence student outcomes.

Not only have teachers seen confidence grow in their students since they started the Units of Study, but for the 2018 STAAR Test Growth Measure, Nitsch saw growth from every student in all areas. When you create a school culture where everyone is working towards the same goal, that is when Promise2Purpose becomes a reality.

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