Get Gaming with GimKit


Who doesn’t love a good game show? The easy rules, everyday contestants, charismatic host, and strategic twists pull us in and leave us wanting more.

So what would happen if we had a lesson that followed this same format…easy rules, everyday contestants (your students), charismatic host (that’s YOU), and strategic twists (application of knowledge)?

Well, you’d have GimKit! Created by a high school student in Seattle, GimKit is a quiz learning game (think Quizlet meets Kahoot) that you can use for reviews, pre-assessments, homework, etc. In fact, it has a Quizlet import feature for you to pull in any Quizlet set you have already created! In the game, players earn money by answering questions correctly, or lose money with the wrong answer. The in-game money can be used to purchase “power ups” to move them forward or hinder their opponents. I mean, who wouldn’t want to throw a virtual pie at their friend?!

But there’s more! It doesn’t just benefit the students. After each game, you get a class and individual student reports that allow you to hone in on specific needs. Personalized learning, anyone?!

Try it out at and watch your students get excited about learning!