Thankful for our Authors


Writing is a very important component of learning! There is something exciting and wonderful about learning to write! In the beginning we celebrate the little things – learning to form letters, connecting sounds to write words, adding spaces between words, and finally adding punctuation. As students progress through the early years of elementary, they learn how to construct strong sentences that convey meaning and engage their readers. We are teaching them to be authors and write for a purpose.

Our third grade teachers realized the importance of creating a purpose for writing and celebrating the hard work that their students have done so far this year!! On November 16th they created a memorable experience for their students. Portfolios were created and several writing selections from this school year were placed inside. Parents and guardians came to celebrate the hard work and progress shown by our 3rd grade authors! The students were so proud of the work they shared with their parents, guardians, and staff members! The feedback from the community was very positive! They loved the opportunity to see how much their students have grown as writers and to read what they have been working on so far this year! We are so thankful for our amazing third grade team at Frank for helping students to feel accomplished in their work!