The Klein ISD Education Foundation departed on a mission to deliver more than $58,000 in classroom grants to seven campuses across the district this past Friday. To date, the Foundation has awarded nearly $1.8 million in classroom grants.

“It has been a special day traveling the district delivering our latest round of innovative teacher grants,” Foundation President Bill Lakin said. “Every year when we review the grants, we are excited about the innovative and unique types of learning taking place in our schools. As P2PInvestors and volunteers, we are proud to make a difference for the staff and students of Klein ISD.”

Benfer Elementary

The first stop on the Celebration Express was Benfer Elementary where Klein ISD Education Foundation Directors surprised teachers with $2,800 for their Communication Station. Thanks to sponsor Caldwell Companies, students in developmental and early childhood classes will be able to cross new barriers in their communication skills by using the Pathways App, emotion photo cards and a Let’s Talk Conversation Kit to encourage language development. 


The Klein ISD Education Foundation Celebration Express is on the move! Check out the moment Benfer Elementary learned they won a grant for their Communication Station!

Posted by Klein ISD Education Foundation on Friday, November 30, 2018


Kleb Intermediate

It was only 9 a.m., and the Celebration Express was making its next stop at Kleb Intermediate to award a $6,200 grant for its Passion Project. With the help of sponsor InvesTex Credit Union, teachers will be able to pick a topic of interest that goes beyond basic coursework. During the school’s Den Time, students will have learning opportunities including CPR/First Aid, Paleontology, Math Gaming, Junk Box Wars, Clay Mandala Art, and more. Students will demonstrate their understanding of these unique interest areas through lab reports, presentations, certification process showing the purpose of their projects.


And now on to Kleb Intermediate School where they won a grant for their Passion Project!

Posted by Klein ISD Education Foundation on Friday, November 30, 2018


Klein Cain High School

The Celebration Express then headed to Klein Cain High School who was awarded its third grant. The Vision Through 3D Graphic Design program will provide engineering students the opportunity to learn how to create graphics and use design thinking to impact the lives of Braille readers by using a 3D printer to create tactile picture books. Thanks to sponsor Dally + Associates, Inc. for their sponsorship of this $2,300 grant giving students the opportunity to explore engineering and 3D design software.

CE_Klein Cain

Klein Cain High School has some innovative plans for their grant funds to reach EVERY student!

Posted by Klein ISD Education Foundation on Friday, November 30, 2018


Blackshear Elementary

After boarding the bus, the Celebration Express then headed for Blackshear Elementary where the biggest surprise of the day was waiting. Sponsor Perdue Brandon Fielder Collins & Mott, LLP proudly awarded a Lead the Spark grant for $25,000 to principal Meagan White for the school’s Make-Our-Space program. This grant will provide all students with multiple makerspace stations that will include a 3D printer and 3D pens, a snap circuit kit, rollercoaster engineering, and coding sets and robotic builders. Theses STEM stations will give students the chance to touch and experience concepts as they learn, and an “exit” ticket will require students to reflect on their accomplishments and creations during their Makerspace time.


Check out @Blackshear Elementary Principal Meagan White's reaction when she found out her school won the Lead the Spark grant!

Posted by Klein ISD Education Foundation on Friday, November 30, 2018


Eiland Elementary

The next stop was at Eiland Elementary where grant sponsor Campus Kids, LLC awarded a $7,400 grant for the EPIC Productions (Eiland Personalized and Integrated Comic productions) program. This program will involve students in reading, creating, and publishing comic-style storyboards. Students will begin with reading graphic novels to analyze text structure and graphic design, chose a concept to explain, depict a content standard through research, and publish full-color strips, stories, panels, and posters. The posters will then be displayed in the school, distributed as flyers to send to homes and highlighted on the school’s website.


So what does the Eiland Elementary team have planned for their grant? Watch this video to find out!

Posted by Klein ISD Education Foundation on Friday, November 30, 2018


Mueller Elementary

After lunch, the Celebration Express also made a stop at Mueller Elementary to award a $7,500 grant for its Flexible Learning Environments. Thanks to grant sponsor, ICI Construction, Inc., action-based learning materials connected to academic concepts will support special education, developmental and “making connections” students by engaging them in specific physical movements in a flexible space outside of the regular classroom.


Flexible learning environments are what Mueller Elementary School has planned for their grant!

Posted by Klein ISD Education Foundation on Friday, November 30, 2018


Northampton Elementary

The final stop of the day led the Celebration Express to Northampton Elementary where sponsor PBK Architects awarded a $7,500 grant for Engineering Our Education with Robotics. Students in kindergarten, second grade, and the Coding Club will integrate science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and robots to enhance their learning pathways. This grant will make possible the use of Bloxels to bring stories to life, Mbot robots and drones, allow students to create and write about their robot’s environment, and move them through pathways and obstacle courses built with real-world objects. Additionally, they will use different types of coding, block, drawn color and hand coding, to compete in grade level challenges and create math and reading games with robots.


Students teaching students using robotics? That's the plan for this grant at Northampton Elementary School!

Posted by Klein ISD Education Foundation on Friday, November 30, 2018


“It’s such an exciting day for the Foundation, its Directors and of course for the staff and students at the schools we visit,” Education Foundation Director, Cindy Doyle said. “To see the surprise and excitement on the faces of these teachers and administrators who know they can implement new programs for our students is priceless.”

Overall, it was another successful Celebration Express in the books for the Klein ISD Education Foundation.