GT Guiding Coalition Update


The Gifted and Talented Guiding Coalition reconvened on Wednesday, November 28. The Coalition reviewed progress moving toward exemplary status in the five areas of the Texas State Plan of the Education of Gifted and Talented. Highlights included the ongoing effort of the guiding coalition and the Advanced Academic department to address equity across the district in identifying students from underrepresented student populations, the establishment of the GPAC-K (Gifted Parent Advisory Council-Klein), and the increased offerings of professional development for educators.

From Coalition member Maria Ovalle Lopez: “We have have seen tremendous progress in this area during the last year! We believe that the efforts to widespread information must continue. We also think that expanding opportunities for volunteers to acquire knowledge about working with gifted/talented students could bring great benefits.”

Areas of continued focus for the GTGC include service design and flexible grouping of gifted learners within the same classes at the secondary level,expanding identification and potentially curriculum in leadership, creativity, and artistic ability, training parent volunteers and advocates in the nature and needs of the gifted to guide students with research, and the development of long range plan for professional learning which culminates in graduate studies and supplemental certification in gifted and talented education.

The GTGC also reviewed the progress of the Advanced Academic department to correct deficiencies found within the Curriculum Management Audit, conducted in the Spring of 2017. New program goals for the 2018-19 school year were discussed, and currently 19 of 32 (54%) action steps regarding those goals have been completed. Future meetings will address the alignment of the GTGC goals to the Texas State Plan for Gifted and Talented, as well as the district strategic plan.