High School students from across the district are being invited to a free student-organized mental health fair on December 15 at Klein High School from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Klein High School seniors Nazneen Azam, Elle Cross, and Zynab Noormohammed are organizing this free event as a DECA Community Service Project.

“If you broke your arm, you would go to the doctor,” the event organizers said. “So if there is an issue with your brain, why wouldn’t you try to fix that? It is a part of your body.”

This mental health fair, called Klein Happy Minds, is the first Klein ISD student-organized mental health event.

The fair will cover topics such as anxiety, depression, college application stress, and other situations that apply to student’s daily lives. There will be raffles, booths, and even therapy puppies. Students can get resources from local organizations, and counselors will be available for students to talk to.

“A healthy mind is a happy mind,” Cross said. “Mental health is an important and prevalent subject, but it is constantly looked over.”

The organizers said that their goal for Klein Happy Minds is to create a positive environment that helps students thrive where they are.

This fair is for any high school student looking to have a stress-free day full of fun activities and free food.

“If you failed a test, didn’t do as well as you wanted at a football game, are stressed with your college applications, or have a friend who is struggling with depression or anxiety, this fair is for you,” Azam said. “This fair is for everyone!”

Klein Happy Minds is being held Saturday, December 15 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Klein High School. Please RSVP here at bit.ly/HappyMindDECA.