Representatives from Project Lead the Way visited Doerre and Schindewolf Intermediate this week to present the schools with banners announcing their grants totaling $40,000.

The schools were awarded grants from Project Lead the Way last spring and today, Judea Goins-Andrews, Director of School Engagement from Project Lead the Way, visited each campus to present their banners recognizing ongoing efforts surrounding the Gateway to Technology course.

This course is offered to eighth-grade students and focuses on three units: design and modeling, the magic of electrons, and automation and robotics. The course is considered a pre-engineering course where students can see if they might be interested in an architecture or mechanical engineering pathway.

“These STEM-based courses are a great fit for students interested in these fields, especially robotics and engineering,” Linda Wert, Klein ISD career and technical education (CTE) coordinator said.

Schindewolf Intermediate was awarded a two-year grant totaling $30,000 to help start the Gateway course at the campus under the leadership of teacher Marker Case. The grant funded the purchase of the equipment needed to start the three units of instruction and for expenses incurred in the required teacher training.

Doerre Intermediate was awarded $10,000 allowing the purchase of additional robotic kits and supplemental items needed to accommodate student growth.

“Project Lead the Way is how I have always wished we could teach science – to everyone,” Doerre Gateway teacher, Becky Teague said. “It is almost totally hands-on and kids are constantly moving and active. Most of the time I am not a teacher, I am a facilitator.”

With the help of grants, teachers are able to continue discovering and evolving new and innovative ways to personalize learning for our students. These grants specifically show the results taking place as our students are discovering the path to their purpose.

Without generous grants, we would not be able to afford enough materials for students to have their very own builds,” Teague said. “They are so excited to take their builds home and show their parents and thanks to Project Lead the Way and Chevron we are able to do this,” she added.

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