Klein ISD Librarians Are Here for You!


Klein ISD Libraries empower EVERY student with opportunities to read, create, and explore in a welcoming learning environment by building meaningful relationships through intentional instruction and collaboration.

Build relationships through instruction:

Your librarian is ready and available to teach your students research skills that will prepare them for success beyond the classroom.

Build relationships through collaboration:

School librarians work with teachers and families to create partnerships to encourage student inquiry and growth.

Empower students to create:

Makerspace activities in school libraries provide opportunities for students to discover interests and create products that help them to see learning and the world in new ways.

Empower students to explore:

Librarians encourage students to step outside of their comfort zone and experience new genres, content, and cultures through a variety of books and other resources.

Visit your campus library to learn more about the many ways your librarian can help you, and follow #LibraryPromise on Twitter to see how librarians are reimagining learning!