New Beginnings and Fresh Starts With Schoology in 2019!


We want to help you ring in the new year and promote a positive digital classroom for your students. Schoology has some great features that will help you organize your materials and streamline communication.

  • First Semester Folder – Create a folder for all of your first semester materials. By putting older material into one folder, your newer material will be easily accessible to students and they won’t have to scroll through old material. Keep the folder published so that students and parents can access past materials.
  • Parent Folder – Speaking of parents…Did you know that all parents of secondary students have access to Schoology through the parent portal? Help welcome parents to your digital classroom by creating a parent folder and keeping it at the top of your materials list for easy access. This is a great place to keep your syllabus, contact information, and any other information a parent might need to help their student be successful.
  • Course Updates – When you post an update in your Schoology course, both students and parents can read it. What a great way to communicate what is going on in your classroom today, or this week, to all your stakeholders!
  • Calendar – Another great way to communicate upcoming events in your classroom to both students and parents is to use the calendar feature. In Schoology, whenever you add a date on an assignment or test/quiz, a calendar event is automatically created and the upcoming event will display on the right-hand column of Schoology. Sometimes we have an event that we want students and parents to know upcoming but it does not have a due date attached to it, for example, a pre-class video that everyone must watch. You can create an event on your Schoology calendar, including a link to the video, assign it to your courses, and click create. Now parents and students will see this upcoming event on the right-hand side of Schoology.

Using these features will allow you to start the new year with a fresh start and a positive digital classroom your students and your parents!