Stay Up-To-Date with the 86th Texas Legislature


Tuesday, January 8, began the first day of the 86th Texas Legislature, and educators across the state will be paying close attention to the activity of this session. Klein ISD is focused on three legislative priorities for 2019:

  • School Finance–Klein ISD supports legislation that establishes a simple, equitable state finance system that provides adequate resources to Texas public schools and considers changes in student demographics, inflation, technology, and safety, as well as full funding for any new requirements (no unfunded mandates).
  • Accountability–Klein ISD supports legislation that would change the state’s current A-F accountability system so that it will add value to students, teachers, schools, parents, and the community, and be based on multiple measures of student achievement and success, as well as locally defined criteria in areas deemed important to the community.
  • Choice–Klein ISD believes that any schools that receive any tax dollars must be held to the same academic, legislative, and financial standards to which public schools are held.

Resources to learn more about the 86th Texas Legislative Session: