GT Update Courses for Spring 2019


Since January 2017, the GT Guiding Coalition has been working to improve the educational experience for gifted learners in Klein ISD. We have accomplished many goals with the help of dedicated educators, counselors, and administrators who participate as coalition members.

One goal is to improve professional learning for gifted teachers, most importantly, offering more hours locally in Klein. Historically, teachers have attended gifted training in other districts, so the GT Coalition made it a mission to design a plan to offer more professional learning in Klein, lead by Klein staff. In the summer of 2018, we offered the full 30 hours of foundation training at the KMPC, twice! Once in the 5 day face to face format, and the other as a blended course. In an effort to create a more personalized professional learning experience, we designated one of our update trainings for elementary and one for secondary. Over 500 Klein ISD educators attended multiple sessions that were lead by our own amazing gifted educators!

As we continue our work with the coalition, the members have voiced the need for the six hour required GT update course offerings in Klein as well. This spring we will be offering multiple opportunities for teachers to acquire their six hours of gifted update training. There are two options from which teachers can choose. The Advanced Academics Department has planned five face to face trainings over the course of the next five months. Each blended professional learning session includes a short online assignment to be completed before attending a two hour session in person. When a teacher completes this course they will earn three hours of update credit for completing the online portion and attending the learning session. Teachers can choose two different courses (three credit hours each) to obtain their required six hour update. The other choice our teachers have is to attending a traditional one day six hour learning session on a Saturday.

As we continue to move towards personalized learning in our classrooms and our professional learning, the GT Coalition recommended providing different professional learning formats for Klein teachers. We understand the busy lives of teachers and their families, and wanted to create a plan that will work for everyone.

All of these options open for registration in Eduphoria on Jan 9, 2018! To see a full listing of the courses including descriptions, dates, times, and locations please visit this link. We look forward to seeing you at these learning sessions and growing with you as educators!

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact Carrie Raiyawa, Program Coordinator for Advanced Academics at