Swayed: How to Communicate for Impact


I have been blessed to be chosen as a participant in the Holdsworth Campus Leadership program. This program is focused on personal leadership. We were recently tasked for our upcoming session to read the book Swayed by Christina Harbridge. This book provides a simple model that shows up in many critical moments of influence.

Swayed helps decode the incredibly intricate system of influence that relies on mutual attention and understanding. This book outlines a detailed model-a set of actions-which teaches us to identify and communicate so people really hear us, in a way that truly connects with them. Swayed teaches us to both understand natural human tendencies around communication and to use them in order to read situations, then to proceed in a way that will bring us closer to our desired outcomes.

The Swayed Model helps to avoid being pulled into old, reflective communication habits such as speaking in meaningless buzzwords. Creating deliberate practices can help apply the model in ways that will effectively move you closer to the outcomes you want.

When communication is not going the way you want, ask yourself if the context model levels could help you increase understanding and influence. In the book, Christina says, “Influence is not only based on how we talk but also on how we listen and how we make people feel understood. Influence is the beginning of nearly everything we create.”

At our next Holdsworth conference, we will be practicing communicating a compelling message that motivates and inspires others. If we are more thoughtful in our actions, we are more likely to act toward what we want. To be more at choice in our behavior takes curiosity and practice. This book is a must read to effectively communicate and redefine presentation skills.