#EdCampLibraryPromise is Coming to Klein!


EdCamp is a model of professional development that has been taking place all over the world since May 2010. The idea behind it is that, as educators, we are all experts in our craft and have something to contribute. EdCamps can be general and focus on education as a whole, or they can be more specific and focus on one area of education, such as school libraries.

Over the past three summers, there have been several librarians from Klein ISD who have attended EdCamp Library in Frisco, Texas and brought back many worthwhile tips and ideas to their libraries. Where there are EdCamps in the Houston area, there is not one that solely focuses on school libraries. So the question was posed by two KISD librarians, “Why can’t Klein librarians lead the way in our area by organizing an EdCamp for librarians?”, and the idea was born.

Anyone who has never attended an EdCamp may be asking, “What makes an EdCamp so special?” There are several tenets that make an EdCamp successful. It is a collection of equal individuals. There are no distinctions between positions held. All teachers, specialists, librarians, administrators, and paraprofessionals in attendance are treated the same. There are no preplanned and scheduled presentations. Upon arrival at the EdCamp location, everyone is encouraged to contribute their ideas for discussion topics (either in the form of a Google sheet or sticky notes), and encouraged to sign up as a discussion facilitator, and the conversation topics and rooms are assigned from there.

The EdCamp model of professional development is truly personalized through the “rule of two feet.” If you are in a room and not gaining anything from the conversation, you are at liberty (and without judgement) to walk out of that room and find another room with conversation that interests you more.

Go to EdCamp Library Promise to register and learn more about this exciting event! Klein Librarians welcome anyone interested in school libraries or discovering what your school librarian can do for you to join us on February 23rd from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and experience EdCamp Library Promise for yourself!