Dr. Champion Inspires Klein Collins AVID Students


On January 18, Dr. Champion visited with the Klein Collins AVID students to share about his journey to Klein. The students enjoyed hearing about the many activities Dr. Champion participated in when he was in high school and how his choices led him into education.

Students utilized their inquiry methods, an AVID WICOR skill, and asked questions ranging from “What’s the difference between the last district and Klein?” to “If you weren’t in education, what would you have done?” to “What motivates you to love teaching and education so much?”

In response to, “What is some advice about becoming a superintendent?” Dr. Champion shared, “Always remember that your voice matters. It doesn’t have to be because you’re superintendent, but it matters everywhere. So your voice matters. The people around you matter. It is always best, always, always, always, sow positive relationships. Always plant seeds for positive relationships. Never be the negative person in the room.”

To round out his time with the KCHS AVID Tigers, Dr. Champion shared five pieces of advice:

  • Never let “never” drive your decisions.
  • Experience everything you can.
  • Go all in.
  • Always be curious; always wonder.
  • Always keep learning.
Click the images below to hear brief clips of Dr. Champion’s visit: