New Teachers’ Professional Learning Day


On January 22, all of our brand new teachers to the profession joined together at KMPC for their first spring New Teacher Mentor Professional Learning Day. The morning consisted of four sessions of the teachers’ choice based on a fall survey of requested topics. Those topics ranged from diving deeper into personalized learning, Visible Learning, applying instructional strategies to any content area, how to manage stress and teacher self-care, cultural responsiveness in the classroom, and more.

After lunch, participants returned to reflection time where they could process the content they acquired from the morning and how they were going to apply it to their classroom. One activity, Sketch Notes, involved teachers drawing out their thoughts and notes from the morning in a graphic organizer format full of pictures and organization that helped them sort through the content. Some lucky teachers won an instructional book raffle as they headed into their content time.


Positive feedback from the new teachers:

  • “The personalized learning session. I liked learning about how to personalize goals and the difference between a goal and a
  • wish.”
  • “It was obvious the presenters were passionate about what they were sharing.”
  • ” I learned a lot and left feeling refreshed.”
  • “The teacher self care session A LOT. It helped me a lot with feeling less guilty about taking care of myself.”
  • “How the sessions were all applicable in some way. It was never information that wasn’t helpful or beneficial for me to know. I really enjoy the personalized learning!”