The Texas Education Agency has made available a new program for any former student who entered ninth grade before the 2011-2012 school year and did not graduate due to failing the TAKS, TAAS, or TEAMS test.

As a result of this new TEA program, former students now have options to graduate and get their diploma, but action needs to be taken now as the program expires September 1, 2019.

Former students have to have met all other graduation requirements and have only the test(s) preventing them from graduating. The alternative requirements for graduation qualify an individual to graduate and receive a high school diploma if the individual meets ONE of the requirements below:

  • Has met the performance standard on an alternate assessment such as the corresponding EOC test, the TSI, SAT, or ACT
  • Performed satisfactorily on the GED
  • Provides evidence of attainment of an industry-recognized postsecondary license or certification.
  • Provides evidence of current active duty service in the armed forces or a DD Form 214 indicating honorable or general discharge from the armed forces
  • Has successfully completed college-level coursework and earned college credit.

“If your last class was in Klein ISD, we can help you,” Shelli Moore, coordinator for Klein Success Academy said. “This program has been going on since last spring, but my biggest problem is that we are having trouble finding current contact information for everyone that is eligible.”

The program has graduated 21 former students so far through one of these alternative methods, but Moore says she wants to find everyone who is eligible.

“It is amazing how happy people get when they finally get their high school diploma,” she said. “We are trying to find everyone.”

If you or someone you know qualifies for the graduation options listed above, act now!

To find out how Klein ISD can help you receive your high school diploma, email Shelli Moore at or calling her at (832) 484-7694.