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Klein Cain Speech Tournament

Klein Cain Speech Tournament

On Saturday, January 19th, intermediate speech teams from across the district participated in the Klein Cain Speech tournament.

Hofius was awarded 2nd place Sweepstakes for Small School while Logan Bezoni, 6th grade, was awarded 3rd place in Pantomine as well as the honor of claiming Hofius’ first individual trophy!

Krimmel drama students earned the following awards:

  • Beatrice Coker 3rd Place Junior Poetry
  • Suma Sannabhadti 2nd Place Vocals
  • Bonte Grangue & Taylor Cunningham 2nd Place Junior Duet Acting
  • Christiana Coker & Slade Reese 3rd Place Senior Duet Acting
  • The Team of Addison Fisher, Miranda Gonzalez, Megan Hunter, KJ Jules, & Ronan Vance 2nd place Readers Theatre

The Schindewolf Drama and Debate team placed 2nd place in the Large School category. Individual awards for Schindewolf were as follows:

  • Readers Theatre team of Nadine Hamad, Emma Wilganowski, Robert Sweet, Mariam Jammal and Carmen Nieves placed 3rd reading The Speech Judges Nightmare
  • The duet pantomime of Aidan Subda and Roman Losa placed 2nd
  • Nadine Hamad placed 2nd in storytelling
  • Roman Losa placed 2nd in solo improv while Ka’Ron Petty came in 1st
  • The duet improv team of Maame Sarpong and Ka’ron Petty placed 3rd
  • In Junior Duet Acting, Mia Espinosa and Gracie Rawlinson placed 2nd
  • The Senior Duet Acting 2nd place went to Aidan Subda and Roman Losa
  • Ka’ron Petty placed 3rd in Dramatic
  • Mia Espinosa placed 1st in Junior Poetry
  • Senior Poetry was a clean sweep for Schindwolf with Maame Sarpong placing 3rd, Mariam Jammal placing 2nd and Ka’ron Petty taking 1st place

Strack earned 3rd place Sweepstakes in the Large School category. Individual awards for Strack were:

  • Storytelling: Jordyn Lessing 8th place, Dom Castillo 7th place, Kyla Crowell 6th place.
  • Dramatic: Cora Olson 7th place, Sophie Cortez 5th place.
  • Duet Improv: Elisha Thompkins and Taylor Washington 7th place.
  • Duet Mime: Dom Castillo and Austin Johnston 3rd place.
  • Jr. Poetry: Hayden Suber 7th place
  • Vocals: Stephanee Hartfield 5th place
  • Readers Theatre: Avery Carter, Hayden Suber, Emily Siimpson and Mia Tucker 6th place, Magnus Anderson, Parker Boles, Max Wilson, Chambie Elliot, Hannah Hernandez and Taylor Washington 4th place
  • Jr. Prose: Avery Carter 8th place, Hayden Suber 7th place, Dom Castillo 5th place
  • Lip Sync: Parker Boles, Luca Miller, Elisha Thompkins, Chambie Elliott, Aubrey Cahill, and Hannah Hernandez 6th place
  • Solo Improv: Jordyn Lessing 6th place
  • Duet Acting: Madi Martin and Cora Olson 5th place
  • Humorous: Cora Olson 3rd place
  • Grand Champion 1st place winners are: Luca Miller and Vivakha Walker in Duet Improv, Luca Miller and Cora Olson in Duet Pantomime, Avery Carter and Alexa Holmes in Duet Acting, Vivakha Walker in Lip Sync and Chambie Elliot in Vocals

Congratulations on a great competition season to all Klein ISD intermediate speech and drama students!

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