Vistas High School Principal Bob Anderson was raised by two educators who instilled in him a passion for education from an early age. He knew he wanted to follow in their footsteps, but that was only the beginning.

Last week, Anderson was recognized as Klein ISD’s 2019 Secondary Principal of the Year. This comes a decade after being selected the Elementary Principal of the Year, making him the first person in Klein history to be named both Elementary and Secondary Principal of the Year.

“I was thankful and appreciative then, but in the last 10 years, I’ve realized to a greater extent the quality of people in Klein ISD and I’m overwhelmed by the fact that they recognized me,” he said. “I truly don’t have words for it, I’m just in awe that anyone would write my name down.”

After the announcement was made, teachers, faculty, and staff from across the district congratulated Anderson and noted his ongoing hard work. Catherine Chance, who worked with Anderson in 2010, during his first administrative position at Mittelstadt, says that the recognition is well-deserved.

“Bob shows true leadership ability in almost everything he does,” she said. “He is the first to roll up his sleeves and work alongside students and staff to make sure that the goal is understood and achieved. A true P2P Investor, Bob’s focus on student success is contagious to those who have the honor to work with him.”

Anderson, who never wanted to be an administrator, has grown to love the role he is able to play in students’ lives. He is grateful for the opportunities that Klein ISD gives him to motivate, excite and challenge himself, as well as the learners he serves at Vistas High School today.

“I always go back to this idea that we need to hope for every child in our classroom the same things that we hope for the ones we tuck into bed every night,” he said. “I want to constantly empower people and teachers to teach that way, to care that way and to love that way.”