Parent Builds Community Using Book Club

A Parent University workshop sparked one parent to start a book club for her daughter and students of all ages at Nitsch Elementary.


Parent Liaisons across Klein ISD build relationships and empower families to stay connected with their student’s schoolwork through a Family Engagement Program called Parent University. Parent University is a program where families participate in learning events and workshops hosted at the schools and cover topics from digital citizenship to engaging math games.

Nitsch Elementary Parent Liaison, Angelica Sanchez, hosts many events throughout the year. Nitsch parent, Maria Ramirez, attended one of Sanchez’s workshops on the importance of reading with your child everyday. This empowered Ramirez to host a book club in her home for students who attend Nitsch. Through this book club, students are continuing to be forever learners by thinking critically and embracing challenges. Parents like Ramirez are aiding Klein ISD in ensuring that our Promise2Purpose vision—that every student enters with a promise and exits with a purpose—will be achieved.

“Family Engagement in Klein ISD looks to build strong partnerships between staff and families to support their student from Promise2Purpose.”, Maria Ovalle, Family Engagement Program Coordinator said. “Best practices in Family Engagement support families by giving them actionable items that support student learning at home. This Book Club that Ms. Maria hosts is the perfect example of how EVERY family can support student learning in a fun and easy way.  We are thankful to have administrators, teachers, and staff that work to develop his culture of trust, partnership and collaboration with families!”

Parent University is one of the many initiatives that the Klein ISD Family Engagement Program uses to connect, share and enhance collaboration with our students and their families. Fostering a love for learning, not only at school, but also in the home, will set our students up for success in all aspects of their lives.

This year, Klein ISD was named a Texas Education Agency (TEA) Model School District for Family Engagement, one of only three districts in the State to receive this designation. Our Family Engagement team worked diligently to accomplish this goal and continues to positively impact our students and families across the district.

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