Build Community: GT Research Pathways Support


At Hassler we have tapped into our wonderful parent volunteers to serve as mentors to our GT students. These parents have graciously donated their time to assist classroom teachers during our enrichment hour known as Target Time at Hassler.

“It has been a fulfilling and rewarding experience to help bring the students’ creative ideas to life,” states Angela Zhang.

The mentors are able to provide a different perspective, unique skill sets, and assistance to classroom teachers in giving continuous feedback. Susan Ng shared, “We are happy to provide guidance and make sure the projects are progressing at a good pace.”

The students look forward to the weekly visits. Caroline M. claimed, “They actually care about us. We are so happy that they are willing to take time out for us when they could be doing other things with their day!”

Samuel M. was excited to learn how to import a graph through the assistance of Chiayi Liu. These parents are really making a difference as they work hand in hand; heart in heart with Hassler GT teachers.