The newly re-established African American Culture Club at Klein Forest High School recently invited a slice of Harris County history known as “Black Girl Magic” to speak at a meeting.

“Black Girl Magic” is a group of 17 African-American females who took the oath of office and became Harris County judges last month. This set a record in diversity on the bench.

The club’s leaders were drawn to the story of these women and decided to contact them with an invitation to speak at a meeting.

“We wanted to show everyone, regardless of color, what they are capable of if they go to class, if they study hard and if they follow our core values as a school and as a district,” Secretary Medina Muhammad said.

The event exceeded everyone’s expectations. People from across the campus attended to hear the judges speak on topics such as leadership and perseverance and, most of all, celebrate diversity.

“When we invited the judges to come speak, we had no idea that we were going to make a mark in our school, in the district, in history, or anything,” President Jessica Shelton said. “We were so happy to make an impact.”

The group said it was clear that everyone was intrigued by and engaged with the judges. Wynette Fobbs, the club’s sponsor, said that she hopes this will be the first of many events of its kind presented by this student-led organization.

“This is a very diverse school inside of a diverse district,” Fobbs said. “By learning about different cultures, I believe we can learn to understand and respect each other more as people.”