George Edward Alcorn Jr. was born on March 22, 1940 to Arletta Dixon Alcorn in Indianapolis, Indian, he invented an X-ray Spectrometer. He was involved with the computer analysis of launch trajectories and orbital mechanics for Rockwell missiles like the Titan 1 and 2, the Saturn and the Nova. He began developing imaging the X-ray Spectrometer on September 18, 1984 and the method of fabricating an imaging of an X-ray Spectrometer on October 21, 1986.

         He is an American Physicist and Inventor who worked primarily for IBM and NASA. He was included into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2015.He had received a four-year academic scholarship to Occidental College in Los Angeles, California where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science. Alcorn also earned a Master of Science in Nuclear Physics in 1963 from Howard University. He also received his degree with honors while earning 8 letters in Basketball and Football. Today, George Edward Alcorn Jr is 78 years old.