Calling ELA, SLA, and Social Studies Reimagineers for the Curriculum Refresh


We are currently accepting applications for the Create and Curate Design Team and the Assessment Design Team for the ELA (K-8), SLA (K-5), and Social Studies (K-8, World Geography, U.S. History) Curriculum Refresh.  

These teams will continue to build on the work of the Essential Standards Teams that have been in full swing this semester. Both teams meet 4-6 times each semester to support the refresh.  ELA and SLA Assessment Teams will have one full day meeting this school year, May 29, for training.  

Our Create and Curate Teams focus on creating and developing lessons, playlists, and curating activities.  Assessment teams will write questions and design assessment instruments for learning. Both teams serve as an integral piece in reimagining learning and supporting EVERY student.

If you are a P2P Investor interested in reimagining learning and being part of our curriculum refresh, please complete one or both of the applications below.  Applications need to be completed by March 29, 2019. Teams will be announced by Friday, April 12, 2019.