The Klein Forest Golden Eagles fell to Duncanville 73-69 in the State Championship game Saturday.

Our Golden Eagles started strong and were up by 7 points after the first quarter. Senior Corin Robinson was the top scorer in the first half with 8 points. Kharee McDaniel, Calvin Solomon, and Dylan Hamilton also contributed to the 31-26 lead going into halftime.

The Duncanville offense was hard to defend against in the second half. Klein Forest kept fighting with Daylan Hamilton and Kharee McDaniel both scoring double digits. It was a back and forth battle, but it was Duncanville who ultimately extended their lead and won 73-69.

It was a tough loss for our Golden Eagles.

“Basketball is kind of like life,” head coach Cary Black said. “They learn how to be successful, but also how to deal with failure. Basketball really gives them life lessons.”

We are so proud of this team and the “we not me” attitude they exude on and off the court.

Senior Kharee McDaniel knows he couldn’t have made it to the state finals without his team.

“Blessed to have the teammates I have,” he said. “We had a great season and I wouldn’t trade [these] guys for anything.”

We are lucky to have these dedicated and resilient athletes and coaches as part of our Klein Family!